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Mauve Alpaca Knitted Pants

Mauve Alpaca Knitted Pants

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Hey there, parent! Meet your little one's new best friend - our Mauve Alpaca Knitted Pants. They're the kind of comfy that your baby will love wiggling around in. Made from 100% pure alpaca wool, these pants are as soft as a cloud. Plus, we keep the alpaca fibers untreated - that is, only washed and not subjected to any harsh chemicals before dyeing.

Size: Perfect for your 0-3 months old bundle of joy!

Color: Gorgeous mauve, because why should adults have all the fashion fun, right?

Yarn: 100% Alpaca, for that ultra-soft and cozy feel.

And hey, we know parenting is tough; so here's how to keep these pants in top-notch condition:

  • Give them a gentle hand wash in cold, soapy water.
  • Keep them away from bleach - it's too harsh for our soft alpaca fibers.
  • Let them air dry on a flat surface; they're not a fan of tumble dryers.
  • And finally, no ironing needed. They're already as smooth as your baby's skin.

Go ahead, add these snuggly pants to your baby's wardrobe and let the cuddling sessions begin!

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