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We hope you are having a great day and have chosen us for your family apparel needs. We here at Mera-Arathmi started this business to give all families the opportunity to go to a website that would help you get the best deals.

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All About Us

Mera-Arathmi LLC is a name that was developed by my lovely wife while we were thinking of what to call the company. She suggested that we combine the names of our children and grand kid. Melissa, Raul, Ares, Athena, and Milani that spelled Meraarathmi. We then decided to place a hyphen to separate the older ones from the younger kids. Such a unique name we created a Trademark and realized after it was done that the first letters of our names Miluska and Angel were the initials of the company. We were surprised on how it came out which led us in deciding Mera-Arathmi would mean “The Family”.  That helped us focus on what would be our business plan.

Mera-Arathmi LLC would provide families with a website that is safe and offers deals. The plan for Mera-Arathmi LLC is to start off with drop shipping and Affiliate links and once this website gains your trust, we are determined hopefully in providing an apparel line including accessories that will be affordable.

Our ambition, integrity, and family orientation will be what we are known for as a new company. We will always strive to do better and optimize the way business is done online for families on a budget. Thank you again for choosing us in helping you navigate online and hopefully purchasing items through us.


Thank you,

Angel Lleras

President of Mera-Arathmi LLC

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