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Communication Tower

Personal Shopper Project
Coming Soon!

We are working on a tier system of services and will soon beta test. Basic, Standard, Personal, and Executive. We have determined if we want a subscription based service or one time fee.

Basic (Coming Soon)


Completely text based contact with the agent through chat or email with a list of the requested items. The turn around should be one to three business days with a approved list of items acquired. (Fee or subscription base service not determined)

Personal (Coming Soon)

Office Space

At this level you could choose to have a team of agents or one that will be able to get a hold of with your clothing shopping needs. The items will be mailed to you from us as we acquire the items and ship them to you completely discreet and safe from online predator's or scammers. (Fee or subscription base service not determined)

Standard (Coming Soon)

Video Conference

Get a hold of an agent that will video conference you and continue contact thru text and email to fulfil your order to the best of our abilities. (Fee or subscription base service not determined)

Executive (Coming Soon)


At this level you will have a agent working with you with all your clothing needs and completely confidential. Pending fees and expenses the agent will keep in contact with you and could personally meet you one on one. This service is for people that have a lot on their plates and need an agent with an eye for style and taste. The agent will get to know the client and understands the style and taste in order to help the client reach their fashion goals. (Fee or subscription base service not determined)

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