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Mera-Arathmi line of products

We are determined to find a way to be able to sell products that are great for everyday use. That of course is affordable for the average family in the United States of America. Looking for manufactures here in the States but also out of the country. Would love to have made in the USA but the cost must be great for our customers.

Woman in Clothing Store

Deals and discounts

One of the goals at Mera-Arathmi LLC is to be able to find great deals for our customers. That our name becomes a household name for not only "The Family" but "The Family savings website for clothes". That is our goal, and we are striving to become that for you.

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Affiliate partnerships

Mera-Arathmi LLC is looking into partnerships with companies like Amazon and Carhartt for now, but many other companies are on our list. We have just started and are moving as fast as we can, signing applications so we can provide the best deals. Hopefully soon we will have great deals available for you right here with us.

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Personal shopper

Mera-Arathmi LLC is working on a project among others that we believe will be a premium service. The "Personal Shopper Project" is like what is available in exclusive top of the line shopping outlets but online. The service would be personal as we would have live agents available for you whether on chat or phone call. The details are still on the drawing board only because we want the service to be available for everyone.

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